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If anyone needs outstanding steers or heifers, check out Katie Foltz at Hidden Valley Farm! Katie has been amazing for Caleb and his Steer projects! She has awesome steers and heifers still available that are well bred, calm(!) and winning quality! I may be dooming Caleb's champion chances, but Katie's animals are worth that risk. I don't recommend often, so when I do, it's big-wouldn't say it if it weren't true!! — with Katie Foltz.

"Thank you so much for a great calf!! The animals have the best care and it shows! Anyone looking to buy any animals for Hidden Valley Farm cannot go wrong! We are looking forward to a great 4-H year because of the awesome calf Katie raised! :)!!"  Janet Kiser Bowman

"What great looking animals you have and your dedication to your animals is amazing. We love our goats Julie, Jasmine and Survivor we purchased from you." Virginia Dixon