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  Hidden Valley Farm sits a half mile off the road in a peaceful valley. 

  Located in Carroll County Ohio.

I have a medium herd of goats, about 40 now. My herd consists of Registered Nigerian Dwarf, Registered Lamanchas, and Registered Nubians. 
The herd is CL free. Never had CL on the property or in the herd. We have never had sore mouth either. While I do test for CAE, the kids are dam raised. All animals have come from CAE tested neg herds or from people who only buy from tested CAE Neg herds. All new additions from 2013 on out will be required to have a Neg CAE test before I will even consider buying them if they are over 6 months old. All animals under 6 months old will be purchesed from a CAE tested Neg herd. I have talked with many breeders and I will adopt their policy.  If you are purchasing an adult they are not guarenteed CAE neg but i will test them for you before they leave the farm at buyers expense. All kids will not be tested as they are too young.